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​90 Days to Confidence and Comfort
at the Piano

​Dramatically and permanently improve your piano playing in just 13 weeks, using simple, easy-to-learn techniques

Take your piano playing to the next level... even if you're a beginner!

Special ​Action-Taker Pricing Ends

Midnight on March 20th, 2020


Do you ever just feel stuck

when you sit down at the piano?

It can feel really frustrating to sit down in front of that
beautiful instrument and not know what - or how - to play next.

Have you ever heard or seen another piano player and wondered exactly how they made those beautiful sounds at the piano? I mean, it can't be that difficult, right? It's just a repeating collection of 12 keys! And how do they know just the right notes to play?!

Maybe you have a "fake book" or two - those books with hundreds of songs in "lead sheet" format - just melody and chords. How in the world do you create an arrangement from that? How do create a rhythm or style, or a decent left-hand bass?

Do you have difficulty getting your right and left hands to work together, playing a rhythmic left-hand bass line while your right hand tries to simultaneously play melody or chords?

You might even be a pretty decent piano player already, but - like I was years ago - you're tied to sheet music like a ball and chain, unable to improvise, inject some of your own creative ideas into your playing, or just make up something of your own whenever you like.

I experienced all of these frustrations myself years ago, and it took me a couple years of jazz piano lessons and another handful of years studying "dueling pianos" with piano bar players before everything finally clicked for me. And once it did, my entire piano-playing life changed for the better.

But you won't have to spend years studying piano like I did! I wanted to find a way to help as many piano lovers as possible experience the same sense of freedom and comfort at the piano that I felt... without spending all that time or money on traditional lessons.

And that's why I created...

Chord Piano Bootcamp

Chord Piano Bootcamp is a 13-week video piano course available
online or as a 10-DVD set (which includes online access) that will elevate your comfort level at the piano to new heights and give you all the tools and techniques you need to sit down at the piano and just play... from a lead sheet, from memory, or completely from scratch, improvising over an existing tune or making up your own music as you go.

​Special ​Action-Taker Pricing ​Ends at Midnight on ​Friday, March 20th, 2020!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Chord Piano Bootcamp is organized into 13 weekly lessons, each with a homework assignment. Once you enroll in the online course or order the 10-DVD set, you’ll get immediate access to all the lessons at once, so you can go through the course at your own pace, but I do recommend giving your brain a rest between each week’s lessons. :-)

Play Professional Piano Sounds

No more guessing! I'll show you how to read any chord symbol and how to build any chord from scratch. You'll learn exactly how to play beautiful sounding chords... just like the pros!

Lose The Sheet Music "Ball and Chain"

If you already play the piano but feel "imprisoned" by sheet music, you'll finally be free of your sheet music dependence as you create your own variations, embellishments and compositions!

Learn and Remember Songs Faster

Once you understand the beautiful, but simple, underlying structure of most songs, how chords work together, and a new language to describe that structure, you'll hear and learn new songs more easily and remember them longer.

Create Your Own Arrangements

You'll learn how chords work together and how to use a few simple techniques to create just any style of music on the piano, which means you can create your own beautiful, lightning-fast arrangements of your favorite songs using little or no sheet music!

Course Syllabus

Here's exactly what we'll cover each week in Chord Piano Bootcamp...


Week 1: Chord Piano Foundation

Music notation review and some of the types of music, books and software you may need or want throughout this course.


Week 2: Chords!

How to build chords from scratch, where to play them, and how to think about them in ways that don't rely on you reading or memorizing sheet music.


Week 3: Chord Progressions

Stringing chords together into sequences that make a unique sound, called a chord progression, and which progressions you will find most often in popular music.


Week 4: World's Most Popular Chord Progression

This amazing chord progression can be found in probably 70-95% of all music, in one form or another. You'll learn what it is, what it sounds like, and why it's so useful.


Week 5: Left and Right Hands Working Together

This week is all about getting your hands to play nicely with each other, creating unique rhythms and styles as they work both independently and simultaneously.


Week 6: Rhythms and Bass

You'll learn a BUNCH of different rhythms and style examples to use whenever you want to quickly create just about any type of sound or "feel" on the piano.


Week 7: Playing Melody and Chords Together

Playing the melody with left-hand bass and right hand chords can be a little tricky, but the secret is to not overcomplicate things. You'll learn how to do it simply and effectively.


Week 8: Advanced Chords

This week, we'll go deeper into more advanced chord voicings and alterations you can apply to "plain" chords you come across in your playing. You've got to be careful how often you do this, but done the right way, you can make songs sound really special!