Rock 'n' Roll Piano... FAST!

Learn to play traditional rock 'n' roll piano using classic, tried and true techniques.

Runs, Fills and Licks

Add this handful of riffs to your piano toolbox to quickly level up your playing.

Lead Sheet Breakdown - "Stardust"

Learn to play the beautiful ballad, "Stardust," in this Lead Sheet Breakdown

Lead Sheet Breakdown - "Route 66" Repaved

Learn to play the classic song, "Route 66" in this Lead Sheet Breakdown.

Piano Scales... FAST!

Once you learn to internalize piano scales, your fingers will move almost effortlessly across the piano keyboard!

15 Lessons



Not started

Chord Piano Bootcamp Main Course

Dramatically and permanently improve your piano playing in just 13 weeks, using simple, easy-to-learn techniques

94 Lessons


Not started
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