​Chord Piano Bootcamp ​Feedback

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your feedback and experience with my Chord Piano Bootcamp course! I really appreciate your trust and support, and I do hope this course has helped you make significant progress in your piano playing.

​Please be as detailed as you like with your answers. All the boxes need to be filled in, but feel free to use "N/A" if absolutely necessary. I welcome and appreciate any and all feedback! (Please scroll all the way down to complete the form. ↓ )

What problem or challenge were you trying to solve, or what skills were you trying to improve with Chord Piano Bootcamp?
Where did you start your search for a solution?
What made Chord Piano Bootcamp stand out from other solutions?
What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from enrolling in the course?
What features sold you on this course?
What have you been able to achieve as a result of this course?
What would you tell someone who is considering enrolling in Chord Piano Bootcamp?
Was there anything we could have done differently?
Any other comments?
May we use your name and comments in our marketing materials?

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